Wednesday, 2 January 2013

For the new year!

        The  year 2012 is being ended with the clouds of shame on our nation,with the gang rape of a  young lady in the capital city which shook  our country.

             The barbaric act of some heartless men created a panic amoung  women. The country ,having more of cultural values and rich heritage,witnessed,such a brutal act in a public transport,that too in our capital city.
Many agitated and opposed .

               There is no meaning in politicalize this issue,instead the prime act is to enact a law for the safety of
women in public place as well  as in work places.This occurence  somehow came to the lime light or
otherwise  this also will be darkened ,as it has become a common or routine happening in some remote villages and in some dalit villaages.

                Our people will raise their voice,when the wound is fresh ,then afterwards ,they will switch over to
some other fresh issues.Same thing happened  in coimbatore in  T amil nadu last year.The young school girl was molested and the brutal killing was made toher and her brother in broad day.The law is existing ,the stingent action was also being taken....Only thing is .the people must be aware ,that the law and order is very
much for the welbein g       of the people .and put forth in action is in the hands of the people.

              A school girl was slipped through the hole in the bus and died.It was sensational for some time.
The govt,took immediate action regarding the maintenence of school buses;Even for that many have opposed  by some of the people here.Wheather it is good or bad .is being opposed by the concerned people here.

              Regarding the enforcement to wear helmet,many opposed ,for the silly reason ,that they will loose the hair,or it sweats a lot.The rule is only for their personel safety .not being under stood by our people.

              The next is the foot board travel..many students have died of this recently in Chennai.For this
people would say ,there is no sufficient bus services here at the peak hours.why dont the students choose for
going in last minute?why dont they plan it prior? Why dont the govt put the automatic doors for the buses?

             people are learning lessons,only when they witness a mishappening.It is unfortunate...

                 The govt should take  the immediate steps  to enforce safety measures regardless of the opposition of un ruly people with no compromise.
                   In other nations the rules are to regulate and to follow with no exemption.But in our country
India,where all the rules are just to over rule!

                  Let us take the oath of our new year is,
 "toabide the rules and regulations of the govt"
                Let the new year 2013 be born with peace and thrive with humanity!
Even though,the law and order exists it is the people who has to put forth in action...